When asked to describe what I do years ago, I immediately responded with: Simplicity, beauty, comfort and colour. I have decided to start with Simplicity, using a capital S. It's part of my moniker for SilknSilver.  So here goes...

It seems the more complex life is getting, the more simple everyone is wanting to become in terms of life principles and strategies, particularly in day-to-day dealings. I, for one, am feeling the push to go inwards and keep simplifying all in my environment, starting with myself. There is only so far anything can be pushed. Then, pushback starts, and having to rein in what is mine to work on and keep is the pressing issue, then letting go of the rest. Easier said than done. It's all a work in progress and is speeding up day-by-day. This past week, through a series of life circumstances, I have been moving through loss, grief and also opening up to a new creative process, all of which makes me feel hopeful and uneasy at the same time. 

 Having the heart to start anything has its own birthing process, including doubt, fear and excitement.

Simplicity for me is about letting go. Sometimes a big and painful process, sometimes easy but always rewarding. By refining and paring things down, I feel I can keep the core of whatever I am expressing and also by embellishing, can make the most of what is. This goes for anything I create: a piece of jewellery, a pattern for a piece of clothing and the words I write on this blog.